“Everything is created from moment to moment, always new. Like fireworks, this universe is a celebration & you are the spectator contemplating the eternal Fourth of July of your absolute splendor.” — Francis Lucille

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I am a Fitness Nerd!

Today I discovered my new favorite site, Nerd Fitness!

With creative and useful posts such as A Hobbit's Guide To Walking and The Nerd Fitness Playground Workout, you will be motivated to bolt from your computer screen to the gym, your backyard or the other side of your bedroom to do some pushups like I did :-)

The pictures are very clever, I'm not sure if creator Steve makes them himself... The entire site is very educational and energetic and inspiring!  Here is one of my favorite quotes:

You might be unemployed, but you are buff and unemployed.

You may be single, but you are single and look great naked, which hopefully means you won’t be single for long!

You may be living in your Mom’s basement, but you are in the best shape of your life.

I was thinking about goals a lot this morning (I know... thinking about goals doesn't accomplish much...) But one thing I confirmed is important to me is to have a healthy, active lifestyle.  I am quite skilled at making excuses and currently exercise randomly.  This morning I also read an email from Live Your Legend on why regular exercise is vital to success in all areas of your life. 
Perfect timing!  

I commit to exercise regularly and get in the best shape of my life!  

So no matter how many times I am rejected, no matter how long I live with my parents, no matter how long I spend on the computer.... I am going to look good!

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