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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The REAL Motivation Behind Great Employees

I have noticed a definite and exciting increase of stepping away from the boxy corporate model towards improved, enlightened perhaps, ways of running a business.  This entertaining video illustrates (literally!) why more money doesn't always motivate employees to do better work - it actually makes things worse.  Thank you, finerminds, for sharing yet another wonderful discovery.

Please share your thoughts or personal experiences on this!


  1. Ha! Can I just say how much I enjoy when there is a video that has drawings to go along with them, for some reason it keeps me captivated in what is being said. Anyway, the message made sense to me. I am going to share this with Tim and see what his thoughts are.

  2. Yeah, this was fun to watch ^_^ I laughed out loud at the end when the employee says to his boss, I'm not a horse! I think that any structured corporation can implement the ideas presented here to create a more positive and productive atmosphere. I hope Tim enjoys it as much as we did!