“Everything is created from moment to moment, always new. Like fireworks, this universe is a celebration & you are the spectator contemplating the eternal Fourth of July of your absolute splendor.” — Francis Lucille

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lasting change happens when people see for themselves that a different way of life
is more fulfilling than their present one.
-Eknath Easwaran

Photo by Simon Dale (http://simondale.net)

"This building is one part of a low-impact or permaculture approach to life. This sort of life is about living in harmony with both the natural world and ourselves, doing things simply and using appropriate levels of technology. These sort of low cost, natural buildings have a place not only in their own sustainability, but also in their potential to provide affordable housing which allows people access to land and the opportunity to lead more simple, sustainable lives."  - Simon Dale

Simon designed this amazing house and built it for $4700.  You can see the full article and more pictures here.  My parents are going to live in a similar home one day ^_^

I like the first quote because it is so versatile: sustainable housing, diet and fitness, a more positive outlook on life, showing others more kindness and less judgment, realizing what is truly important, motivation to achieve your goals...


  1. That is an awesome looking house! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, the pics of the home inside are amazingly beautiful -lucky family!! Love the idea.